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Finally updated my mixing reel - have a listen!

Fun week at Revolution Recording tracking the upcoming album from Michael Kaeshammer, really enjoyed recording the brilliant vocals of Joel Parisien and Denzal Sinclaire as well as the always rocking Randy Bachman!

New single I mixed and played pedal steel on from The Highest Order is out now!

old news items. (broken links, oh yes. probably)

New Doug Paisley 7'' single available on No Quarter Records now! 'Growing Souls' is the A side and 'Lies Lead to Lies' featuring The Weather Station's Tamara Lindeman is on the B side

And Jadea Kelly and I have been hard at work on a new record along with Malibu Tom Juhas!

Frantic City is the nearly completed new record from Luke Nicholson. Produced by Roger Travassos and featuring smart songs filled with hooks, look out for the first single in October!

The Internet is all a-flutter for 'Strong Feelings' by Doug Paisley on No Quarter Records January 21st, 2014

Fiver's debut album Lost the Plot out now on Triple Crown. How much plate reverb can 12" of vinyl hold? Prepare to find out...

And shows! November 13th - Fiver LP and CD release show at The Royal and November 20th, Jadea Kelly releases 'Clover' on vinyl at Hugh's Room

'The God That Comes' is the new theatre show and companion album from Hawksley Workman and you can get it now. It recently premiered at the Alberta Theatre Projects playRites Festilval.
If I do say so, it's one of the most madcapped things put down on 8 tracks of tape in a long, long time

Clover, the new album from Jadea Kelly is out on May 21st, available through Divergent Records!

New Doug Paisley record - very soon - 4 reels of 2" tape are currently overflowing with music - expect impeccable songs, starkly honest performances and surprise guests aplenty

As well, mixing an album's worth of songs for The Weather Station. Quiet and compelling songs full of lives being led

September 18th, 'Red Potion' is the first full length album from English Words. Produced by Matt McQuaid, and mixed by me - hooks and hooks upon hooks, delayed and reverbed and crunched to perfection. Get ready to like it!

Out on June 15th - so get your turntable spinning now - is 'Two Songs from Fiver'

Boy on Bridge is the first solo record from Alan Doyle. It was recorded and produced in around a million different places, and for three of those songs it was at the Woodshed in Toronto, with Hawksley Workman producing and me engineering

Out now ~ 'Stranger' ~ the Debut album from Scarlett Jane. Andrea Ramolo and Cindy Doire weave stories real and fictional in harmony while Gary Craig, Greg Cockerill and Ryan Webber do those things that they do. Put it all on 2" tape, pull up the faders and it comes together to make an album that's dramatic, hooky and fun

Golden Embers is the new EP from Doug Paisley out now on 10" vinyl and probably some digital formats too! Probably!

Tracked and mixed, out on the soon side - second album from the Griffith Hiltz Trio. Produced by Hawksley workman and recorded by me in 2 days onto 8 tracks at Hawksleytown, it's a tour de force and while thoroughly modern, harkens back to Miles, Ornette and the most adventurous and coolest eras of jazz

March 13 - French Residency is the new album from Boxer The Horse. I got to mix three of the tracks and feel like I was 16 years old again. If you liked indie rock in the 90's you'll know what I mean. I've been humming the song 'Party Saturday' since I first heard it months ago.

Oh Yah - a while back I played on a few songs for Jennifer Castle's superb 'Castlemusic' album. You should go get it - if I didn't already have a copy, that's what I'd be doing right now.

All These Fires, the first record from Huddle is available now! I mixed a big chunk of these hot pop hookfests including the unfairly infectious 'Islands' and 'It Nights'

November 8th - Full Moon Eleven is Hawksley Workman's decade later re-imagining of his 2001 Christmas classic 'Almost a Full Moon'. Made with 3 days, 8 tracks and 3000 square inches of rusty plastic, it's a quiet and compelling celebration of family, love and the holiday season.

October 4th sees the release of 'Festuca' - the second album from Montreal / Calgary / Antigonish / Calgary / Toronto roots rock singer guitar slinger Greg Cockerill. 10 songs about heartache, Canada, drunk driving, music and horses that'll leave you feeling good all over.

Self titled second record from Cape Breton Nova Scotia's Carleton Stone - out now! Produced by Hawksley Workman, engineered by me and full of exciting new songs from Carleton backed by one seriously hot band.

'Songs Of Man' is the new One Hundred Dollars record - CD, Vinyl and iTunes download are all available now

And Here's some footage of the Toronto album release show in May shot by our hyper talented and quietly awesome friend Colin Medley

Available now! 'Dark Horses' is the first solo release from Steve Ketchen and it's super good. Steve, Matt McQuaid, Kieran Adams and I ran amok in the studio and put a quirky spin on Steve's well crafted tunes. Look forward to excessive amounts of plate reverb, electric sitar, optigans and more!

Tracked! Mixed! Full length record number two from Toronto via Calgary rock and roots songwriter Greg Cockerill and his eponymous band. We spent day 3 of the recording sessions in a room filled with tape machine head cleaner fumes. My fault. Although maybe it was a clever move on my part to get the band thinking outside the box. . . yah, let's go with that.

Fixed! the intermittent and broken aux sends on my console. I know no one cares but me, but it's my website so yah. Thanks, Ike!

Done! Hot new record from Carleton Stone. Produced by Hawksley Workman, engineered by me at the Woodshed and mixed at Stewdio. Hooks abound!

Juno Nomination for Justin Rutledge's 'The Early Widows' in the 'Roots and Traditional Album of the Year: Solo' category.

One Hundred Dollars; New record, May 10th.

Constant Companion is the new record from Doug Paisley.
Available now on No Quarter Records
Mojo Magazine and Rolling Stone both gave it 4 stars, and music critics from Spin, Uncut and the New Yorker are all a-glow.

Another One Hundred Dollars 7" on the way - almost finished magnetizing it all.

Loose Cougar...

'Tonight Tonight' is the debut record from The Heartbroken. You can see them every Tuesday in July at Toronto's Dakota Tavern

The Dart EP is the new album from Ultra Mega. They're going on tour, and you should do yourself the favour of attending when they play your hometown. I know I will.

Justin Rutledge's 'The Early Widows' was named to the long list for the Polaris Music Prize

Katie Goes to Tokyo's new record has a name currently and a release coming up. It's My Naked Heart and it'll be available in August.

Hawksley Workman gets stop motion animated for his new video 'Not Your Parent's Music' ~Badass~
Plus, HW's album 'Meat' is also a Polaris Long List nominee

Finished mixes for Katie Goes to Tokyo's second record, produced by Marten Tromm in Stockholm, Sweden. The tracks are getting the Lacquer Channel treatment NOW!

Also, did two mixes for Emre Aydin's upcoming release on Sony Turkey

And - getting to the home stretch on mixing the debut record from The Heartbroken.
We recorded for just shy of two weeks at the Bathouse Studio in Bath, Ontario and during that time most of us didn't go outside for upwards of a week.
Note: Aaron Holmberg from the Bathouse is certifiably a super good guy.
From there, we've been overdubbing a few things at Stewdio and concurrently mixing. The album will be on to mastering in two weeks and available shortly.

HOME TOWN PROPS! Winnipeg's Uptown Magazine calls my work on Hawksley Workman's new record Meat "sludgy, fuzzy and absolutely cavernous"
Which it is.

Plus - The Early Widows, the soon to be released fourth record by Justin Rutledge is real great. I know, I was there.
It'll be released May 4th on Six Shooter Records

In stores and at iTunes January 19th 2010 - 'Meat' - the new album from Hawksley Workman.
Several songs are already streaming on as well as songs from his companion record 'Milk' available mere months from now.

Mojo Magazine names Doug Paisley's debut album as one of their top 50 albums of 2009. Big Time~

Finishing up the masters for Justin Rutledge at The Lacquer Channel with Phil Demetro. Sounds jumbo.

Bigtime new record from Justin Rutledge on the way, with the aforementioned Hawksley Workman producing and myself turning the knobs clockwise. Only clockwise. It's a stunner!

Summer time. Time to stay inside and work on my website.

Playing music, oh yes. Got to do some steel guitar tracks on soon to be released tracks from The Hidden Cameras, The Wooden Sky, Hawksley Workman and some new tracks for $100

And there's $100 Tour Dates

In mid production of Doug Paisley's new record. Guests confirmed range from currently legendary to the soon to be legendary. It's real good.

Biggest news for me is the swell upgrades I've undertaken at Stewdio.

Along with Zimbel Audio I've restored and improved an MCI JH618 recording console. Work included damn near a thousand replaced capacitors, targeted component swaps and Ike Zimbel's signature upgrades and modifications to the most significant audio circuit paths. And it sounds phenomenal.
If you are of the sort to enjoy such things, you can geek out about it here

Conversion between sworn enemies Analog and Digital is now handled by an SSL AlphaLink 24 channel converter, with a Lucid 9624 on the two track.
To make the most of this quality conversion is outboard preamplification and processing from Rupert Neve Designs, API, Purple Audio, Aphex, Focusrite, Joemeek and more.
But I hear you can mix records on computers now. Maybe I should look into that.

$100 has about a billion shows in March. By a billion I mean 8, of which one is a foray down to Austin Texas to play the SXSW music festival. I am so going here.

Getting super close to finishing Dodge Fiasco's debut record. ~ Slick and raw at the same time ~

And ever hear of Ultra Mega? Don't worry, you will. With the studio savvy Luke Doucet at the helm and myself at the board we captured JD & Conrad's hot tracks over two weeks in January.

There's more! Sean MacDonald and the Astronauts released their new record 'Pink Noise' at the Silver Dollar on Valentine's Day. Romantic! If you missed the show you should still get the CD - it's rad.

I wasn't there! I played Wavelength's 450 show anniversary with $100
attending the show was a blogger from blog TO who took some quality photos and wrote a story about how we were great. These are the first official pictures of my new haircut.

Get it now! Goddess, the new album from Emm Gryner; on which I got to play some pedal steel on a track called 'Left Over Love'
It's as catchy as the flu which confusingly, means it's real good

and get this too! The first installment of One Hundred Dollars' series of regional 7" singles. It features Owen Pallet and was recorded by me at The Rogue and at Stewdio.
Toronto's single is on Blocks Recording Club. Good.

Hey, does anyone remember that band Bootsauce? Christ.

Out now, is the solo debut LP and CD release from Doug Paisley on No Quarter Records.

Doug and I produced the album in the spring and it features Kieran Adams playing drums in my kitchen and Darcy Yates playing gut-strung upright bass in my hallway. Also, it's excellent, confirmed by the good folks at Mojo, Spin, Other Music and Soundfix and about a billion other publications. You can read all about it Here. In this case, by a billion I did mean a billion.

Being Canada's musical authority and all, it's fitting that Exclaim Magazine should run another piece on how $100 is good.

December 13th - Bolo! The new album from Swaha is going to be released. It's got some Kirtan action, some trancey moments and features slightly more pop structure than the previous two albums. As well, the album features several quality guests, most of whom will be at the show - venue is TBA!

The good readers of NOW magazine have named $100 as the best Roots/Folk artist of the year. Thanks, you knowledgeable people, you.

Tecumseh, the exciting new country concept record by Kensington Hillbillys is available now. The release show was kick ass, you should feel quite the fool if you missed it. But you can console yourself by picking the record up at fine Toronto record stores and at Indiepool
It will be along shortly on iTunes

In the works, debut full length from Dodge Fiasco. All meters all red all the time. Rock!

And been working with The Ethers at the Rogue and at Stewdio. Sharp songs and hot guitar tones aplenty.

Just had the new record from Sean MacDonald mastered at the Lacquer Channel and it's broiling hot.

And got a new Floor ~sharp~

Ben Rayner from the The Star likes $100. Strangely, I'm not referred to as 'ace' anywhere in this article. I trust the omission is being looked into.

One Hundred Dollars now has a blog. It will inevitably be updated more than this site.
Oh, and we also have a record that you can buy on iTunes and at awesome music stores with perfectly disheveled clerks who only listen to bands you've never heard of and wouldn't like if you did. And you can get it at HMV.
Additionally, A Whole Bunch of publications think that the CD is boss. An LP release will be along shortly, as well as our certain to be excellent series of regional 7" releases.

Get shoppy! Plenty of new releases I had a hand in lately, including the likes of Andrew Cash, Hawksley Workman, and Luke Doucet

September 16th, Hugh's Room in Torontotown hosted the release of Lara MacMillan's big time debut album. I engineered (most of) the record at The Rogue Studio, at The Lincoln County Social Club as well as in Lara's living room and at Stewdio. Lot's of great guests on the record, such as Dean Drouillard, Rose Bolton, Me, and many more.

July 25th - A jam packed Horseshoe Tavern hosted the release of $100's new record, 'Forest Of Tears'
We made the record with Rick White and it's available now on Blue Fog Recordings. Quality.

From there we went to Sappy Fest. And did a short but swell tour with Quest for Fire & Deloro. Minty.

Exclaim Magazine may not be able to spell my name, but they like $100's EP. Turns out they Like us in general. Indeed, they refer to me as a pedal steel ace. 'Bout time.

Apparently, they like us enough to take moving pictures of us.

Speaking of moving pictures, Holy Fuck have made a video for their song 'Lovely Allen' recorded live by Laurence Currie and then mixed by me. Hear it in all its digitally compressed low bandwidth glory on youtube

Another project done recently here at Stewdio is an exclusive track from Hawksley Workman for Cartier. No, I did not get a watch. Please join me in boycotting Cartier until the matter is resolved. Did I mention Lou Reed is on the compilation? I'm like two degrees from Andy Warhol now. That's pants.

Also, turns out Belleville's newspaper is a fan of mine. GO ME!